Deep Dental cleaning

Mobile Non-anesthetic Deep Dental Cleaning

Our Non-anesthetic deep dental cleaning is a safe and effective way to maintain your pet’s (Dogs & Cats) dental health without the use of anesthesia. This type of cleaning is ideal for pets that are older, have health issues, or may not be suitable candidates for anesthesia.

During our non-anesthetic deep dental cleaning service, your pet will be gently restrained while a trained dental hygienist uses specialized tools to clean their teeth and gums. This process removes plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to dental problems such as gum disease, bad breath, and tooth loss.

dog dental cleaning
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Splendid Mobile Pet Spa Services

Splendid Mobile pet spa services are a convenient and stress-free option for pet owners looking to provide their furry companions with professional grooming services. With mobile pet spa services, trained professionals come to your doorstep equipped with all the necessary tools and products to provide a complete spa experience for your pet.

Professional Non-anesthetic Pet Dental Scaling

Non-anesthetic deep dental cleaning is a stress-free and comfortable experience for your pet, and it can help to prolong their overall health and well-being. By choosing this non-invasive option, you can ensure that your pet’s dental health is maintained in a safe and effective manner.

Contact us to learn more about non-anesthetic deep dental cleaning and how it can benefit your pet.

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