What Should You Ask Before Scheduling A Mobile Doggie Wash?

Ready to Scheduling a Mobile Doggie Wash?

Mobile pet grooming is a rapidly growing business, which has resulted in many new companies starting up. To ensure you are scheduling a mobile doggie wash service with the right company, here are some questions to ask before signing any contract.

What Type of Vehicle Do They Use?
The vehicles should be well-maintained and in excellent condition. The company should also have a full-time general manager and one full-time mechanic.

The vehicles should be equipped with an in-vehicle heater, two or more extra fans to help circulate air, and any necessary ventilation systems (a full-time, on-board groomer should explain the system if you are interested). It is also essential that there is proper insulation in the vehicle’s back. If not, your pet’s grooming could take place under direct sunlight, which can lead to serious sunburns or heat stroke.

What Type of Licensing and Insurance Does the Mobile Doggie Wash Have?
Make sure the company has a valid state license. If they do not, this is usually a red flag that they are not professional or reputable. Check to make sure the company also carries insurance (this should be readily available for you to view).

A good doggie wash service will also have an in-depth, written safety and grooming protocol. Ask to see it so you can ensure the dogs’ well-being is prioritized at all times.

How Much Grooming Space Do They Have?
Mobile pet groomers need to have enough space in the back of the vehicle for all the necessary equipment to make your pet look its best. Prepare yourself with this info before you meet with them so you can be sure they have everything they need. Don’t be afraid to ask them to show you everything they’ve got.

How Will the They Groom My Pet?
You should be able to speak with their groomer via phone or email if you have any questions about specific types of grooming. It is also crucial that they are experienced in grooming the specific breed of pet you own. You can usually find this information on their website. If not, you will want to contact their references.

What Type of Shampoo Do They Use?
There are many types of shampoos on the market today. Some use chlorhexidine, which is excellent for killing bacteria and preventing infection in wounds, but it can irritate the skin. A much better choice is a shampoo that contains benzoyl peroxide.

The pet’s entire body should be washed with this type of shampoo, including head and ears. This will help kill any remaining bacteria in these difficult-to-reach areas.

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